Saturday, November 19, 2005

Top O The Morning To You!

Yes, I am channelling my Irish roots.

My silly cat woke me in the wee hours, but for some reason I am feeling pretty good. After a hideous day yesterday... (is there anything worse than having printer issues when you are trying to get out a manuscript?) I am looking for a good day today. I have some stuff to crit for my CP group, an article to write and then I am going to start in earnest on my new novel. It's only going to be about 45 thousand words... if I work on it I can finish it by mid January and then start on the romances that I have ratteling around in my brain. Unless, of course, I get a contract and need to start on another skate novel at that time.

Speaking of which... the first line in OTE is, "Hey Cassie! Watching you skate gives me a zamboni!"

The next book will start out with, " Okay girls, let's get out there and kick some ice." Pretty good, eh? Except someone said it to me the other day and I forgot to ask her where she got it... I should do that first:)

Well, another week went by and I heard nothing from anyone. Well, I can't say that because I did get another request for a full and a partial. And then I sent out another partial. I made up a new timeline too. I am pretty pleased with the agents that are itnerested right now. After getting an R from my dream agent, I just got a new dream agent. Everything is relative, eh?

Okay... must hop up and clean the house before starting in on my writing day. Must keep the dh happy!


Christine Keach said...

Good luck on getting the full and partials out. I found you by way of Elisabeth's blog. I also had printer issues at the beginning of this last week. Made me want to throw my printer out the window. But, all is well now. Good luck in the GH. What category are you entering?

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo on the requests, Teri!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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