Monday, June 23, 2008

Book Stuff

What a weekend! I managed to workout everyday and got tons of stuff done on the yard! My plate is full again today so I'll get right to it!

Fan Mail

I am getting fan mail from teens! How cool is that? One girl told me she loved my story but I cuss too much. So I wrote her back and told her that I actually cuss very little, but sometimes my characters have potty mouths:) Another wrote and told me it was one of the best books he had ever read. WOW!I have received a few emails from fellow authors and I love them, (keep em coming!) but I prize the ones sent by teens!


I have gotten some good reviews and some bad reviews. I am learning not to let the bad reviews get to me and vow to do better on each book. That's all we can do, people!

School Visits!

Hyped by my fabulous launch party I am going to be doing some school visits. Am planning on making up a Brochure and going for it this fall. I think a few Toastmaster lessons are in order.I especially want to go to alternative schools. I have a real heart for kids who don't fit into the mold, ya know? Can you tell what my teen years were like?


Kelly McClymer has an interview of moi up on her blog. Great questions!

The wonderful Sara Hants also interviewed me on her blog. You can read it here.

Yes, I have several more interviews to finish up this week... am so excited!

New Projects!

I am currently working on three, yes three, brand new projects. My Cp's are going to hate me, but I hope to have news for you all soon! (That is, soon publisher time, not real time)


relliott4 said...

Okay, I'd LOVE an understanding of publisher time vs. real time. heh heh

PJ Hoover said...

Sounds like everything is going GREAT for you, and I'm so happy!

Heather Harper said...

I heart you, Teri. Seriously.

But I'm going to be working my tail off this summer, too.

Paybacks are a B. lol! ;-)

Bonnie Ferguson said...

That mail sounds fabulous! Yay, Teri! :)

Lexi said...

That's AWESOME that the kids took the time to write to you! And great news about the school visits! Dang, I wish you lived closer!

Barrie said...

Just checking in to make sure everything is still going great for you!

Rachel Vincent said...

Sounds like you're having a great release! Yea!

And I'm still waiting on that news... ;-)