Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I'm Doing

Dude... I had homework. When discussing revisions with an editor he said the magic words... Like such and such a movie meets such and such a movie. I nodded my head sagely and my fingers flew to netflicks. So I spent the last couple of days watching a couple of movies. One of them several times. I love a really good script in a movie, you know?

As you know, I am now working on several projects... which is something I did before with two projects of different genras, but never three projects so close to the same starting point. It's very interesting what grabs my mind and imagination when. Right now I'm all about Laguna. Yesterday, I was all about Deck... day before, Soap. So go figure... I work on whatever grabs me.

I am also trying to run. I feel like I have lost enough weight (ounces from 25 pounds!) that I can start the running process. Its... difficult. I do a run/walk thing that I call interval training. But I'm beginning to think that running is as much a mental thing as it is a physical thing. I want to run the Race for the Cure next September, so I need to do something.

Any advice on working on multiple projects or running would be appreciated!


PJ Hoover said...

Yikes. I've mostly been lucky enough to focus on one thing at a time, finishing up a revision on something before needing to work on something else. Sometimes I have been interrupted so I put aside what I'm doing and focus on the (more important) interruption.
Have fun running.

Kerry Blaisdell said...

Run with me!!! I did the RFTC last year, and it was such a moving, emotional thing for me. (Four women in my life have been touched by breast cancer -- none of them related to me, thank God!)

We can take the kids to the RH playground, and run around the bike path. Seriously, dude! *:?)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I'm not much help with the multiple projects thing. My brain likes to work on one thing until it's done, then move on to something else. For example, I'm halfway through my wip, but my editor just sent me line edits for my first release in late December. I can't flop back and forth, so I'm taking a quick break from the wip to finish the line edits, then I'll jump back into my book. I know juggling from wip to wip is something I'll have to learn, I'm just not there yet.

Way to go on the weight loss! And awesome news about your running goal. My advice would be to start slow. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the run/walk strategy. In fact, it's actually a marathon training strategy used to conserve energy so you can make it to those long goals. Anytime I run more than 6 miles, I do five-and-one's: run five minutes, walk one, repeat. Trust me when I say this training schedule is the only thing that got me to my goal of running a half marathon. Some runners modify this - six-and-thirties: run six minutes, walk 30 seconds. The key is that the walking segment is at a brisk pace - you're not moseying - and that you use that time to bring your heart rate back down. If you can't catch your breath in that walking segment, you're working above your cardio level (which can be dangerous).

Good luck with your schedule, and if you want to talk more about running in person, we can get drinks in SF. (I'm always up for an excuse to get drinks. LOL)

Amy said...

No advice on running. I do NOT run.

As far as the multiple projects thing. I'm in that same place, and I find that organization is key is keeping all the things going forward. However, I'm in revisions on one project and first draft on another, so they aren't at the same spot, creation wise. I think that helps.

Good luck.

Amanda Ashby said...

No advice for multiple projects or running (hahaha, helpful to the end, that's my motto!!!), but yay that you've lost so much weight!!!

Barrie said...

You've lost TWENTY-FIVE pounds!! Very very impressive. About running? I don't do it. I'm just not coordinated enough. It's all I can do to remain upright on the elliptical at the gym. I can't even read while on it!