Thursday, June 05, 2008

What I Need

Before we get to what I need, I want to remind you all that there's still time to enter my trailer contest! Also, check out my interview with my characters on the 2k8 blog!

And there's one more day to get one. Shoot me an email at teribrownwrites (at) hotmail(dot) com if you want one.

On to what I want...

1. A Personal Assistant
Someone that will plan my schedule and tell me where I have to be and when. It's pathetic that with all my lists I can't remember everything and I still have emergency runs to the store. I blew my waxer off so many times she won't even take my calls anymore. I look like the missing link!

2. A House Keeper
Someone to come in twice a month and do the touch stuff. I can keep the day to day stuff going and when the work is lighter can even keep the house tidy and orderly and make wonderful meals, but when I'm busy it all falls to shite. My husband does not like that.

3. A complete phone/email/calendar device
Any recommendations? I was thinking the Pearl? We're on Verizon and that's what they sell... but I have to pay 30 dollars a month more for web service. I just think it's time to take my lists to another level.

4. A Trip to Hawaii.
Just because.


Amy said...

1-3 Ditto.

#4: Only if it's not Honolulu. Maui is nice. So it The Big Island.

Rachel Vincent said...

Odd. I think I'm in need of all of that too. Including the new phone. Me thinks I've dropped mine one too many times. ;-)

PJ Hoover said...

I have a Treo with Sprint. 15 a month for unlimited web which is why I went with them.
Nice on the housekeeper. That's top on my list.

Annie said...

Ummmmmm isn't the PA my job? Really, as soon as you can pay me I am ALLL over this. I think I proved today how good I am...

Good, yeah, that's me!

Loves ya and thanks for sharing your day with me :)

Kerry Blaisdell said...

Palm Treo (on Verizon). You can pay for unlimited web, but so far, I've done the pay-as-you-go. It depends on how often you use it -- not very, in my case, so $1/minute or whatever it is, is still cheaper.

As for functionality, etc., I *lurve* it, but then (a) I'm a geek; and (b) I'm a HUGE fan of the Palm OS (the Treo is the only phone I know of on Verizon that uses Palm; the others use Blackberry, or Pocket PC, or something else proprietary).

Mainly, I lurve that Palm has millions of apps you can use on it. The other OS's have some, but not as many, as near as I can tell.

legofurby said...

I'd like to go to Hawaii, too.

Stephers said...

The pearl is AMAZING, once you get use to the keyboard you'll love it!! And I need you to take care of me and babysit me again like you did way back when I was little and climbed into the dryer's, so I guess you'll just have to take me on vacation with you!! :-D I'm so happy for you and your book!!!!!!!!!!