Monday, June 16, 2008

Catching My Breath

I'm so sad my blog party is over, but kind of happy to be getting back to normal life. In fact, normal life has been screaming for my attention by the way of missed appointments, missed deadlines and missed sleep. Time to take care of all those things. (Hence the late post today, I slept innnnnn!)

Things that have been happening in the real world while I have been partying and working on my book launch.

1. My dog needs to go to the vet. He has a small lump on his rib and now it's a bigger one. (Pretty sure it's just a fatty tumor, but still!)

2. Clean the bathroom. As wonderful as my family has been about keeping things up, the bathroom seems to have been missed. Repeatedly. I think we now have small trolls living in there.

3. A new proposal to write. Fast.

4. Interviews to finish. I have a gazillion interviews sitting in my inbox, vying for my attention. I will get to them this week... I promise!

5. The jungle in our back yard. The land of the lost, anyone?

6. My son. My son left for Canada for ten days. I think I actually took him, but have no recollection. All I know is that his room is empty of everything except the chaos teenagers leave when they pack.

I have some ideas for blogs this week, but will probably put them on the back burner till next week and just have a week of boring blog. (I know, I know, blog suicide, but I am maxed people!)

Hope you like my book. If you haven't bought it, buy... baby needs to go to cabo!!


Lexi said...

Um, yeah, we'll allow you to be "boring" for a few days. You've earned it!

PJ Hoover said...

I once found a mushroom in bathroom. I thought there might be Smurfs living under there. Guess what happened when I actually looked?
Glad life is back to normal! And I haven't bought yet, but so totally am!

Amy Addison said...

Yeah, biohazard is usually my standard for when to start cleaning the bathroom ;)

Enjoy a relaxing week... I think you've earned it!

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