Monday, September 01, 2008

Getting Organzied

In anticipation of the many changes that will be taking place in the next month or so, I am trying to get my life organized. Again.

It's the perfect time to do it. To me, fall is way more the season for new possibilities than spring is. Fall means back to school: new shoes, pencils and peechees. And for me this year it means getting it together and going for it. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. All good stuff.

But that also means I'd best get my act together. I ordered MS office yesterday, the student version that we've needed forever, and I also ordered the new 2007 Outlook. I have Outlook Express and love it, but never cared for the old Outlook. Several techies now tell me that 2007 is so much better, I won't even believe it. It better be.

What I really need is the calendar and the ability to sync it to a palm device. Now, I would really like a blackberry, but financially, that isn't happening right now... the phone isn't too bad, but we can't add another 30 bucks to an already astronomical monthly cell phone bill. So I'm looking at a Z22 palm because it has syncing capabilities and doesn't look hard to use at all. Since it doesn't have wifi, etc, it's pretty basic and really pretty cheap. Does anyone have one of these? I am going to need one to track my new schedule. Thank God, my children are getting pretty good at dealing with their own schedules, so I don't have to keep as close an eye on theirs as I used to,... the big problem is going to be sharing a car with my daughter.

Meals might be a problem too... I looked and looked and finally found an online meal planning system that not only has tons of recipes to choose from, but it takes your meal plan and generates a grocery list from it. Then you have the ability to add or delete from the list so if you already have vanilla, you can delete it. It also has a pantry area, but I haven't played with that yet. Best of all, it's free! It looks a little labor intensive to start, but once you have your family's basic meals in there, you can use a repeat feature for following weeks. I am hoping it will save me both time and money.

I cleaned off my desk and work area and was pleased to see that my filing system is still efficient if I actually work it! I do need to ad a few new files, but I went through the kid's binders and tossed anything that wasn't current. I still have some things to do for Megan's school, but E's is pretty easy this term and he can do it himself:)

So all good thing. Today I continue my house cleaning and organizing quest... we have a bbq with the inlaws today. Which is nice in a way cause at least the house will get clean!


Jessica Burkhart said...

I wanted a BB too, but was put off by the extra monthly cost. HOWEVER, you can avoid that fee if the BB has WiFi. I got a Tilt (from AT&T) with WiFi so I can use the Internet without being charged for a media plan. Consider that, perhaps.

PJ Hoover said...

I'm all over organization! It rules. Life is way better when you are organized.
I need to get on the meal plan thing. I am getting better. And my office is almost totally cleaned

keri mikulski :) said...

Me too - the BB. But, like everyone else the monthly cost was too pricey. Maybe some day. :)

Yes, organization. I'm on it. Tomorrow. :)