Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Corner VS Stage

I am going to be speaking at the Northwest Woman's show at the Oregon
Convention Center at 1:00 on Friday. The talk will be on Why your Daughters
Should Read. That sounds nice and mom-like right? (Friday is Mom's Day Out,
so I wanted something that would appeal.) Now I just have to figure out what
I'm going to say.

When they asked me to speak, they said I would be in the AUTHOR'S CORNER.
Now they are saying the CORNER, which is nice and nonthreatening, is actually
a STAGE, which is not a CORNER. Definitely NOT. And the CORNER holds 100
people. No CORNER I have ever been in holds 100 people. One hundred spiders
maybe, especially in my GARAGE which is NOT a STAGE either and does not hold

You get my drift.

So if you’re in Portland, Oregon this Friday, I would love to see some friendly faces in my CORNER.

Also, the talented Delilah Marvelle posted a fabulous PIX at the Rose City Romance Writer's Blog that is hysterical. If you're a writer, you will definitely relate. Check it out here.


Jessica Burkhart said...

Wow! You'll rock it, Teri. But yes, I'd be hyperventilating in a REAL corner somewhere. :)

keri mikulski :) said...

Have fun!! :)