Monday, October 20, 2008

I Lost a Week and Want Some Fish?

I stuck my head out of my quarantined cave and found that I lost a week somewhere. A week where I was supposed to be prepping for an article due TODAY!

Guess what I'll be doing?

I did however manage to finish and polish the first chapter of Speed, which my CP's fondly refer to as the BEST STUFF I'VE EVER WRITTEN. Actually, My Cp's don't call it that, I do. But it's right up there. Every scene pops, the words flow and the pacing is perfect. Sent it off to my agent last night in a flurry of elation. Hopefully she will think the same thing.

My husband caught more fish. We have fish coming out our ears, people. Unfortunately, The Children and I HATE fish. As in, don't even cook it in the house because massive retching and gagging will commence.

My son and husband have been fishing like a gazillion times in the last three weeks and have brought home huge hulking salmonoids every damn time. They say it's like Alaska, there are so many rolling in the river. My freezer and fridge are now full of salmon steaks and bright orangy red eggs in varying degrees of curedness. This makes my son and husband really excited. Me, not so much. It's very disconcerting to open up the fridge for your morning milk and find an EYE staring back at you.

I leave you with Pix.


Kristen Painter said...

Oh man, I would gladly take every ounce of that fish off your hands. We eat fish like it's going out of style - and fresh caught? Forget about it!

PJ Hoover said...

The losing time thing is scary! Where is my life going???? Must slow down the clocks.

Kerry Blaisdell said...

So when do I *get* this mythical fish??? It sure looks yummy.

And Speed is EXTREMELY good. I hesitate to call it the "best" you've written, only because you've written so many excellent things.

Shari said...

Yum, salmon! :)

Congrats on feeling great about your new WIP -- I hope your agent adores it!

keri mikulski :) said...

Eyes staring at you?? Yikes. :)

Annie said...

We are very thankful to have fishy, fishy, fish in our freezer. Thanks AB! We bow in worship!