Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Inclement Weather

I feel such a cad for complaining. Compared to what they're going through in the Midwest and the east, four inches of snow is nothing, but frankly, it's sure putting a crimp in my holiday plans. I was ahead of the game and now I'm not. I know, I know, WAH. It could be worse... I could be without power. (In which case, I'd simply put my head in the oven and END IT ALL. Oh, wait, I have an electric oven, not gas and it's not like I'm going to bake my head to death. Plus, I wouldn't have electricity and if I did, I wouldn't be ending it all in the first place. So scratch that.)

But I am getting behind, people. I have a few gifts but nothing for my OWN KIDS at all. Plus, I'm rather concerned about the whole lack of Christmas booze. Right now, my booze shelf holds a couple bottles of wine and about a shot of vodka from my Fourth-Of-July booze stash and nothing more. Where's the rum for Hot Buttered Rums? Where's the tequila for Spanish Coffees? Where is the cognac for BOOZENOG??? I WANT MY BOOZENOG! (deep breath) Okay, better now. I would walk because the booze store is only about a couple of miles from here, but me thinks carrying $100 worth of alcohol across glare ice is a bad idea. (Not to mention a little desperate.)

In other news, I'm finishing up chapter five in my WIP. It's time for a bit more plotting. Chapter five in every book is like pulling teeth for me. WITHOUT anesthesia. It's that place where I start to think I don't have enough for a book and-what-the-hell-was-I-thinking. I actually have tons of ideas, but I don't think my agent would appreciate me throwing in a piebald horse named Mr. Chips.(Don't ask.)So today, I'm breaking out the plotting board and I'm gonna figure out the last ten chapters or so of my book. So send prayers, good thoughts, writing mojo and a couple of muses my way. Chocolate would also be appreciated.


Annie said...

I love my little boozy friend. I always know where to find the good stuff.

Lisa Schroeder said...

This weather sucks. Okay, it's pretty, but enough is enough. And now they're saying more on the way. Like you, I have shopping to do! GAH, I need a drink! But dang, also like you, my cupboards are bare!

Heather Harper said...

You are too funny. ;-)

Lexi said...

I think you need those chocolates with the alcohol in them.

Anonymous said...

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