Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I took a break from writing today in order to head to the gym and work out... I had a good one. Need to do that every flipping day to get back on track though.

I also cleaned the garage. It was unbelievable. In order to force my husband to paint the living area and refinish the wood floors, I have to make sure that everything else is done so he isn't stressed. I have been working my butt off on the yard... I still have a bunch to do, but it is looking good. Then we need to finish the Bedroom... then we can finish the rest of it before fall. Very important. I can't live with the peeling paint and rapidly decaying floor for another winter.

I finished redoing chapter one of my YA novel. I think it's pretty good:) I like the third person POV for this one. I am going to make the changes I need to and then head onto the rest of the book... I need the freshness of working out the plot instead of just making changes all the time. I think I will start doing that and saving the critiques instead of going over them making changes and reposting all the time. It gets a bit stale that way.

Not much else going on in the writing world... Heading off to Spokane this weekend to have a meeting with my NW Woman Editor. I am hoping to have some good news for her... A firm distributor or something! We'll see!

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