Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Working on Fiction

When I should really be working on my nonfiction. Oy! I have so many projects going it is hard to keep track. I worked on my YA novel yesterday. I finished switching chapter two over to third person. I think I like it, but I keep distancing the reader and the character. I think I need more dialogue. I will work on that in chapter three which will be from a different person's POV. I am being a wimp here. If a YA novel's word count is only 40K, then in reality I could pump this sucker out in 20 days. Now I understand that is a bit fast, but even 1ooo a day is forty days! I really need to focus on using the first hour or so of my day for just fiction. Warm up here at the old blog site and then just bite into it! Go for it, you know?

On the nonfiction news front... I got a promotion yesterday... I am now a contributing editor for Family Energy Magazine! A new spanky title and a new spanky raise. Go Me!

Now I just have to get some serious work done! I should do at least three articles this week and then four next week if I could! I have to have at least ten finished a month to make the small womanly's ice skating fees. That is my goal. Then to save some money for the laptops we need... then to save for the kids school..then regionals in October. Sheese!
Lots going on this fall and all of it expensive!

Okay... the world of fiction awaits and I must heed it's call!

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