Friday, July 01, 2005

One More Day!

One more day of Skate Camp. Meggy is helping out with the children's camp, not attending... she isn't even going to attend this year. Her coach, who runs it, said it wouldn't be worth it for her. She's at too high of a level. Tomorrow I sleep in!

My son comes home from Seattle today. YAY! I miss his loud noisy bones. We have tentative plans for the fourth... we are heading out to the lake for the day to boat, fish and picnic and then head back to the local highschool for the firework frenzy. Should be oodles of fun.

I haven't done five things on my list... but will get some of them done today. I have one more article due today and then I am finished for the week. Next week will be far more sane. Should be anyway:)

I am switching POV's on my YA novel. I started it in first, but am thinking of switching it to third. Actually I am thinking of doing a prologue in Omincient (I know I killed the spelling there, but it is my blog) Then do the rest in third... So much to think about. This must be a compelling read! I will be working on it this weekend, along with the yard, the housework and taking megsies to the mall with friends. Okay, enough. Must get something accomplished!


Anonymous said...

Even though it's a little early, Happy July 4th, Teri.

Anonymous said...

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