Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lucky Thirteen

I am feeling pretty durn good about myself.

I wrote thirteen pages in On the Edge yesterday and finished out chapter three. I am going to go over those three chapters with a fine toothed comb and then put them up to my critique partners. I have an agent who said she would look at them for me once I had three chapters done, so those 3 chapters need to be simply smokin. Right now I am not even sure if they are sparking let alone smoking. We'll see. Now that I have hit upon the concept of GMC, I am anxious to make sure my charaters have them. At least my main characters. Let's see.

Cassie--Goal: To win first place at regionals and go onto sectionals and to get a date for her junior Senior Prom
Motivation: Her love of figure skating
Conflict: The new girl in town is threatening both her figure skating dreams and going after the guy
she thinks she wants to go out with.
Theresa-- Goal: To be a champion figure skater
Motivation: respect, money, fame
Conflict: She has very little money to support her skating and very few people believe in her.

That are the GMC breakdown of my two main characters. I could do it for all of them and I can see why knowing that would help. I am excited about this story and also my next one.

I am not that excited about the nonfiction work I have to get done today. But it will be good for the over all GMC of my household:)


Rachel Vincent said...

I'm probably going to sound like an idiot for asking, but what's GMC? And congrats on the interest from the agent.

Rachel Vincent said...

Never mind. I figured it out. And yep, I sounded like an idiot. Sorry.

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