Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Insecure Writer

We all have em. Those little insecurities that plague us no matter what we do. Even the most innocent letter from our agent can take on double and triple meanings. I love the concept, am sending notes... can mean a billion things except, of course, I love the concept, am sending notes! HA! I even asked for input, so why am I paranoid? Because I am an insecure writer.

Some people are so insecure they won't even send their writing out. Some people won't even finish anything because they are so convinced their writing sucks. Writers who can't take critism are writers plagued by insecurities... even when they seem to have it all together. And it's too bad because such writers never grow.

I admit it, I am totally insecure about my writing. But not to the point that I won't finish or I won't take critism or won't turn it in. My desire to be a published author overcomes my insecurities.

That's why I am going to succeed while other, more talented writers will fail... pure, in your face, tenacity. The kind of strong teeth gritting will that made my parents crazy. It overcomes the insecurities.

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Rachel Vincent said...

I'm insecure too. No matter what I do, I think my own writing sucks. And on those rare occasions when I think it's good, I'm invariably wrong.

Don't worry. Your writing doesn't suck.