Thursday, March 16, 2006

What the?

Have you ever went on a diet and gained weight? I was steadily losing until I gained a pound yesterday and another pound today. I swear, I was almost suicidal until I looked at the date. Oh. Duh. That's why. I don't mind this though, because of the big loss it will take in a week or so. As long as I am faithful.

Writing wise, I got the notes from my agent about my proposal. Great ideas all, so now I am doing a rewrite of my previously rewritten and polished chapters... and they are ever so much better. That's probably why she's the agent, eh? I think her ideas are spot on.

Busy running day today, but luckily most of it should be done by three this afternoon. Then I can relax this evening.

I had this weird dream that I went to an animal shelter and my husband ended up asking if we could do foster care for two more dogs in our home. Gads. Just what we need. More animals.


Jaci Burton said...

mmmm rewrites. Share my chocolate.

Sometimes those revision notes can make you whimper and curl up in a ball and cry. But a savvy writer knows they also make the work better, more saleable.

You're a savvy writer, so you know. Good for you for tackling them with a positive attitude! Hope it goes well and quickly for you :-)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Teri, you have a great agent. She took the time to give me feedback on a submission I sent her, and I couldn't believe how right she was, and how much better the piece became from her suggestions. She's the kind of agent everyone wants. ;)

Jill Monroe said...

Love it when you can get such good stuff!