Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not Quite Done, But...

Getting there.

I won't even go over how many times I had to run to the ice rink yesterday. No way would I get any writing done on the last couple of chapters so I sat down with some of my Cp's crits and went at it. Good comments by all and the first three chapters are now very, very clean and ready to go. Really wish I could just finish it. But alas, I have a ton of nonfiction things to do. I hope to start that last chapter today, wish me luck.

Revising the finished product is actually the part of the process I enjoy most about writing. Gathering enough clay to work with is hard for me, but once I have enough clay to make a ball, watch out! I can shape it and pull it and dig my fingers into it. The best fun. And sometimes, like yesterday, I can't wait till I finish to start playing with it.

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