Thursday, March 02, 2006

What's New In Teri's World

French Press Coffee

Lurve this stuff. Really. Am so addicted. I remember a long time ago I used to be satisfied with Folgers or MJB or brands like that. My mom and dad switched to newly ground coffees as soon as it came out, but I turned up my nose. The expense! As a new mom I drank far too much coffee to get started on that stuff. Even if it did taste better. Ridiculously better. Then I got a grinder from Christmas and that was all she wrote. Starbucks on every street corner didn't help either. Then someone gave me a french press. I disdained it for a year. Then I tried it. Oh.My.Gawd. Now they are all I drink. Problem is that it takes roughly half the amount of a full pot to make one lucious cup. Pretty soon I'll just be sitting at my desk eating the beans.

A Gardener

Ab finally broke down and decided to hire us someone for the yard... not full time, just someone to take care of the grass, rake up and cut down the slimy plants I should have cut down last year. Cause he has realized that I. Am. Just. Not. Going. To. Get. To. It.

When we first moved here I wasn't writing full time and I put in about 15 flower beds. Actually they were here and I expanded. Now I drive and write and that is the sum total of what I can handle. Oh, and the occasionally hot and sweaty bonus to keep him happy. But really, that's all I can do. No more garden calendar. No more pouring over the catalogues planning for the spring. I think he misses that in me like he misses banana bread and homemade cake. Not gonna happen, Mister. You're lucky to get the hot and sweaty bonus. So he hired someone to make it look reasonable again. God bless him.


Ab has also realized that just like the tides, his wife now gets to abscendate herself from the fmaily on the occasional business trip called the writing conference. Am going to both San Jose this year and Emerald City. YAY me! One in the fall and one in the spring. If I could go to nationals I will. But Alas, the chances of me finalling in the YA cat is slim to none so I won't even consider it. Way too much money and too much time away from home. How would the children get around for that long?

A Bloody Eye

Started this weird veiny bleeding thing yesterday. Children told me to go to the doctor. But will they give me good drugs? Probably not. Then eh. Whatevah. Though I did wake up with a headache this morning. Hate that. I keep thinking that maybe my pituitary gland is dying from all the radiation leveled at it and this is a symptom. I'd rather bury my eye, er, head in the sand.

So what's new in your world?


Shannon McKelden said...

You're coming to Emerald City??! You didn't tell me! Yay!

TJBrown said...

Hee. Surprise!

Rachel Vincent said...

Oh Teri, go to the doctor. Don't mess with your eyes. You can't afford to lose them.

Yea on the conferences! One of my best friends (Dana) is going to one this weekend. And one of my others won a trip to Cancun, and she leaves tomorrow. So I'm going shopping with my one remaining close in-person friend.

Trista Bane said...

Teri, you sound kind of like me. I won't go to the doctor unless I'm on my death bed. Having said that, let me say this... GO TO THE DOCTOR!

Also, I can't live without my french vanilla cappucino! I'm addicted.

LOL, my dh gave up on expecting me to garden a year ago! He didn't hire anyone, though. He just sighs and does it himself.

Yay on the conferences! You'll have to tell us all about them. Maybe next year, I'll get to go. *Crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

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