Friday, March 31, 2006

week in review

Today's Friday, right? Shaking head. It just flew by. I really didn't get anything done. I got started on the LIPS synopsis. Am rewriting LIPS again. Agent gave me some killer ideas, so here I go again. (Does anyone actually say killer anymore?) But I haven't gotten that far. I have two articles I could be doing and haven't. No motivation.

Of course, darling husband has been home for the past few days doing amazing busy-busy. That's sorta distracting. Men who do laundry are so sexy, don't you think? And he made three dinners. I helped, but we were alone all three times. Dd was at friends house and ds was traveling around Oregon and Cali in a van with his friends. So we were alone, left to sip wine and ale and cook together. Twas wonderful. Can't even tell you.

So I didn't write much. Not nearly enough. I did get stuff done like looking for sources and stuff like that. (If your DH had a low sperm count, I would love to talk to you!) But no real writing.

But that's okay. Sometimes you have to actually get your arse out of the chair and live, you know? Otherwise I wouldn't be a very good writer:)