Saturday, March 25, 2006


So many of my friends finaled in the GH or the Rita, I can't even list them all. Okay, tear for me. Oh, wait. I didn't think I would win it anyway and the only reason I wanted to win was to give any editors waffeling on the story a push over to my side. Well, now I just go back to waiting with a little reminder to myself that this is the story that had three different agencies all wanting it at the same time. There, my ego needed that. Next year I'll be ineligible cause I'll surely have sold somethign by them right? Right?

Still frazzled here. Was out last till midnight with my dd's new love muffin. They played at the rink till 11 when my boy got off and then we all went to shari's for a late night snack. Down at 1:30, up at 7 and back to the rink with dd and ds has a chess tournament. Then go pick them up and then come home and NAP! Or write an article if I can.

Need to work on LIPS. Dying to work on LIPS, really. maybe tonight. Once the chess tourney and the teaching are done, my running around is over too, so maybe I can fit it all in plus a nap. Wouldn't that be nice?


Christine Keach said...

Oh, I love your thinking! I hope to be ineligible too for the next GH!

Don't work too hard today.

Rachel Vincent said...

Congratulations to all your friends. And yes, of course you're right. Next year you'll be ineligible!