Monday, July 14, 2008


Camping was actually fun... and I generally don't like camping. My dh was overjoyed that I actually went, so he made sure my work was a minimal, which is what I hate most about camping. It's like you do all the same work you do at home only it's way harder. I don't do roughing it. That's why we have dishwashers.

The campground actually had hot showers and bathrooms, so my daughter was able to shower and put on her makeup every day and her boyfriend, who had never been camping, had a blast.

I read and read and read. No writing, but that's okay. I needed a break. Of course, now I have a ton to do.

I made my writing goals for last week and then some. I am about six pages from finishing up one of my proposals so I want to wrap that up today.

Also need to do an article, help my daughter with her online history project and get to my next proposal this week. Plus grocery shopping and yard work. Who says summer is relaxing?


Rachel Vincent said...

I agree. My summer has not been relaxing. I've never been so busy in my life.

Glad you had fun camping!

PJ Hoover said...

Yeah, this summer I'm learning summer is not relaxing. But that's OK.
Better busy than idle.

Barrie said...

My summer is way too busy. I want off the roller coaster! Glad the camping went well. I'm going camping in August and....I so don't do camping. :)

Will have Child #4 choose your book winner tomorrow.

Amanda Ashby said...

We bought a tent almost two years ago - it's still untouched apart from where my husband put a hole in it while trying to put it up in the backyard! One day we might try and take it out! Two weeks to go - woot!!!!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Yeah, camping can be a lot of work. Glad yours was minimal. :) I read five books when we went to Sunriver a couple of weeks ago. It was so awesome!