Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mama Mia

Bff Ann and I went and saw this movie last night and it was atrocious. Seriously. But. It made me laugh (especially when the formerly sexy Peirce Brosnan sang) The scenery was beautiful, and of course, Meryl makes me believe anything she does. MAKES ME BELIEVE.

My friend Ann hated it, but I think that is partially because she didn't know it was a Broadway play first. (I know, she lives under a rock) There were some seriously funny moments and ABBA proved that their music is infectious, no matter how badly sung:)

And seeings how we went out for drinks afterward, I had a very, very good time. It's a perfect movie for girlfriends to see together. That way you can all groan when the Colin Firth character turns out to be gay. You could almost hear illusions shattering:)

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Annie said...

I may never recover...really...