Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday already?

Where did the weekend go?

Let's see.

Friday:Ice rink, home/work, ice rink, Laundromat, home/work, ice rink, home/work, ice rink, out to dinner, homecoming game, home.

Sat: 400 mile round trip to parents, clean/unpack parents home, drive home, friend forgot son so I have to run to rink, home.

Sunday: church, college fair, home, paint trim.

Oh, that's what happened. Hee.

College fair was fun... got lots of good info.

This week is very busy... kids are still sick, or sick with another cold, so I get the joy of waiting for that to hit too.

But on the upside. At least I have work to do. So why am I complaining? I make decent money writing, which is a dream.. so I shouldn't ever complain! Except maybe about the waiting. So. Okay. No more complaining.

Must start compiling my to do list for the week!


Bonnie Ferguson said...

Your to do lists always make my head spin }:)

Alicia said...

What a clever blog! I am a mom and a writer as well. I will be sure to check back in to see what else is new!

Gemini said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog while searching posts on motherhood; didn't expect to find a fellow writer. I look forward to reading more from you.

Anonymous said...

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