Thursday, October 06, 2005

No time for a fine wine?

Remember those commercials? We'll sell no wine before it's time. I can't even remember what wine it was except that it was one of the cheaper, yuckier wines. The best wine commercial was for the new (then) wine coolers with the two old guys and one always said, "Thank you for your support." (that has now become one f the catch phrases of my marriage)I actually knew that one. The one who spoke. He lived down the road from me in a place called Alfalfa, Oregon. I once sold his wife Avon back in my very brief two month career as an Avon lady. I was 18, give me a break. I gave it up. Too many dog bites. They lived in this old house, but after the commercials he had it torn down and built his wife a new one.

Anyway. The reason I got on the subject of wine, besides the fact that two of my cyber critique partners were inbibing last night, is that I haven't wrote on my novel at all this week. Like the fine wine, is it getting better or is it actually stagnating from lack of care?

I would be working on it right now, but I am sitting at the ice rink on one of the coach's computers waiting for my daughter's lesson to be over so I can go home and work on an article that needs to be done. Oh, and run some errands. So the end of my novel will have to wait. I am just too swamped. Tomorrow looks good, maybe I will find time then. Or perhaps...nope not Sat. Chapter meeting. Sunday is church and then the college symposium at the expo center. Am going with a friend and all our teenage children. So. I have no clue when.

And I haven't had any news on the agent/editor front. Am verra anxious. Maybe I should stop worrying about the novel and drink more. Yeah. That's the ticket.


Bonnie Ferguson said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the agent/editor front.

TJBrown said...

Thanks Bonnie!