Friday, October 07, 2005

Stress with a capital S

My dog peed on the comforters which means an unplanned trip to the Laundromat. No way can I fit both comforters into my little washer so there you go. Not that he's a bad dog. He just hates going outside in the rain to go to the bathroom. We go the entire summer without an accident and as soon as the rains arrive puddles and nuggets start showing up. Can't really blame him. Would you like going out into the wet darkness to do your business? Problem is I live in Oregon, where it rains eight months out of the year.

But it does add one more thing to my to do list.

Like my son's computer. The semi new laptop I bought at budget computers. There's a no brainer. I should have seen that one coming. Now I have to take it back to a polace that never refunds. They always just fix it. Wonderful. But I have to go anyway. My daughter's lost the number 3 key.

Then my mom called asking for help this weekend. They are old and I don't mind going. But. This weekend was already packed to the gills. It's homecoming here so my kids are going to the parade and game tonight. A friend is spending the night. I drop the girls off to skate in the morning. My son works tomorrow night as does my husband, so logistically I had to find someone to bring the boy home from work. Sunday is Church and then a college fair downtown.

But I will make time. I am ever the good daughter and they need my help.

But I haven't written at all on the novel. And this is the week I wanted to finish it!

So much for that, eh? I'm not going to Stress about it. I have enough to Stress about.


Rachel Vincent said...

I totally sympathize. When I need to write (and it is truely a need, not just a want) and I can't, I'm completely unbearable. We're talking pms times a thousand. But I'm spoiled. You're completely committed to your family, and that's awesome. But I know it's also frustrating.

I'm wishing some free time for you very soon.

Cherlyn Michaels said...

I think that's one of the most frustrating things.
When so many unexpected things come up that you end up spending time on extras instead of getting to your to-do list for the day. Then, at day's end, you'll be exhausted from working all day, but have very little accomplished of what you set out to do! Frustrating!

Bonnie Ferguson said...


Kristen Painter said...

Puddles and Nuggets. If that's not a YA title, I don't know what is...


Anonymous said...

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