Monday, February 13, 2006


Having your own young adults in the house is interesting, isn't it? No matter how mature and caring they are, they just have their DUH moments.

How many times does my oldest have to say "whateva" to my husband and watch him explode before he gets a clue? DUH!

How many times does my youngest have to pull weeds and then say, "But I didn't know you wanted me to pick the piles up and put them in the recycler!" DUH!

Or how about my personal favorite, "I didn't know when you said do the dishes you meant I had to wipe the counters too." DUH!

That could also work for, "I didn't know that cleaning the bathroom meant doing the sinks. Or that cleaning my bedroom meant making my bed, or cleaning the living room meant putting away the CD's/Dvd's!"


Or how about, "I didn't know that fighting with my YA writing mother meant she would be running to her notepad to take notes during an argument!"



Shannon McKelden said...

Or how about how many times do they have to be yelled at to remember that "cleaning the kitchen EVERY NIGHT" truly means EVERY NIGHT...oh, and that it means CLEAN, too. Sheesh. Gotta love it when they then get mad back. Like you have no right to be upset that they still can't comprehend those 5 words despite the fact that they can manage to be almost straight A students, so there has to be some ability to comprehend in that brain of theirs. :-)


Rachel Vincent said...

Um, I'm guilty of most of those things, and I don't have the excuse of youth.

Sad, huh?

Elisabeth Naughton said...

ROFLMAO! I love that last one.

Oh, how I miss teaching teenagers. Seriously, the things they came up with were priceless.

Bonnie Ferguson said...

This is off topic but . . . Happy Valentine's Day, Teri :)

SavvyChick said...

I loved the last one! I have actually 'borrowed' two titles from my daughter and put them in the title folder for future use. One title was actually what her friend called her personal journal and I kept quizing dd about who came up with it, did the name exist somewhere else and she borrowed it, etc? lol