Thursday, February 09, 2006

Passes and work space

Got a couple of passes, but they are the kind of passes that hurt so good. One editor liked it so much she took it to her editorial director who passed and another one passed because it wasn't right for their line, but she would be glad to see anything else by this author. Since it's an editor I would love to work with, that's not so bad. Not bad at all:)

Had another difficult time starting a new chapter. Have decided to do some plotting exercises to get a better grip on where the books going. I am more in touch with my characters now, so it should be easier. I did get the working first line of the third chapter which is important if I am going to finish it this week!

"You are not following me to the football game and I am NOT wearing too much eyeliner!" (said to parents) Hey, give me a break. At least it isn't a white page anymore.

The above is my work space. The color and the dark wood floors are new from last summer.


Jill Monroe said...

Not bad at all - you're right!!!

Love the pics of your workspace!!!

Bonnie Ferguson said...

Those ARE good passes :) It's just a matter of time now, Teri.

Cool workspace!

Rachel Vincent said...

I like it. Both the writing space and the line of dialogue.

Those are really good passes, especially considering you have another proposal ready to send the one who was willing to look at something else, right?

TJBrown said...

Nope, Colorless is scrapped for now and my agent doesn't want to send out just a partial since I am unpublished or contracted.