Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Madness

No, my madness isn't due to the fact that I have a bunch of places to go today. It has everything to do with a series of shady calls at the super bowl yesterday. Now I had fun at the party, but the funky calls sorta ruined it for me. Now we probably wouldn't have won anyway, but I felt incredibly sorry for all the fans that spent thousands traveling to that thing. And I felt sorry for my 16 year old son, but we drowned our sorrows in rootbeer floats and a game of Sorry.

Enough about football. Season's over.

Lips is going well... I wrote about a 1000 words on it yesterday before the game. I finally figured out where I wanted to start the second chapter and once I did that, things started falling together. So I have to ask... does anyone else have trouble getting into the next chapter? Sometimes I want to have the next chapter start right after the previous chapter. Sometimes it has to. Other times it doesn't and you are wondering where to begin... just before the action starts? Do you have to kind of allude at least to how you got from point A to point B? For instance, my first chapter ends at a hook just before the family is supposed to have dinner. Chapter two starts with her being stuffed from dinner. So you know she ate, but I didn't have to write what would essentially be a boring family dinner. Enlivened by the hook, but basically a time and word waster. I have to watch that cause I only have about 45,000 words to play with.

Another question. How do you write about the passage of time? I have a friend who is writing some short cats. She has between 45 and 50 thousand words. To grow a heart thumping romance. Now most people aren't going to believe that true love happens in a week or two, so she has to move time along without gaps in the sotry. Without people wondering... how the heck did that happen? I have thought about trying some of those myself, but the time thing throws me off a bit.

Today will be a good day. Work on nonfiction a bit. Fiction a lot. Crit my Cp's chapter. Judge another entry or two. I have basically nothing to do today except to get my daughter from the rink. She spent the night with a skate friend last night so I just have to pick her up. Later!

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Rachel Vincent said...

Sometimes I have problems showing the passage of time. I used to want to list everything the heroine had done between the chapters, and that was hard to get over. Sometimes I still do that, then cut it out during the rewrites.

I obsess over pacing.