Friday, February 03, 2006

Not a bad week a'tall

Not too bad writing wise. Finished the first chapter of Lips and have already edited it a couple of time. It is out with my CP right now so will no doubt edit it one more time. Depending on what they think. I had a couple of transition issues. We'll see. I hope to write one article and another chapter over the weekend. Again, we'll see!

Picked up several more nonfiction assignments this week which is super good. They keep my daughte ron the ice and if she quits skating will buy me a new car. Snort. Unfortunately, they are all on incontinence. Don't ask. They pay. And who knows, maybe they will help someone. I love getting feedback on how something I wrote helped someone. I remember one article I wrote for Baby Years magazine on Plagiocephaly (flat head) and an issue later a woman wrote in telling how she would have never thought anything about it if she hadn't read the article, but her baby was diagnosed with it. WOW. I helped. So I try to think of all my articles that way even if I don't particularly want to write them.

We have a serious storm headed our way. The coast is supposed to get gusts up to 100 mphs and inland in the willamette Valley are supposed to get sustained winds of 45-50 with gusts up to 60. And I am supposed to be out and about in it. Yay.

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Bonnie Ferguson said...

Yea on finishing the first chapter, Teri :)