Friday, January 19, 2007

Foster Children Revisited

So I got a call from my brother yesterday afternoon.

The baby had been taking to the hospital the night before for emergency surgery. Mom has been charged with negligence and the children are being taken away. Actually were As some of you may recall, I took in my niece's three children last summer, the first time they were taken away from her. Lurved the wee ones but keeping them here almost put me over the edge. But I also fell in love. So dh and I are headed to Juvenile Court today to see if we can keep the girls here with us. I can't take the boy. He is too hyper and has too many issues. Poor little fellow... We can't keep both girls for long term, either. I'm concerned about the babies arm... Can I trust the group home to care for it properly? My SIL would love to have the baby... she is just starting the process to adopt a chinese baby so she is a perfect place for baby K. How many times will this happen before they take them permanently? So it looks as if I will be caring for a hurt one year old and a two year old for a while. Poor little creeters.

The world is a very sad place sometimes.


Rachel Vincent said...

Oh no! Poor thing. What happened to her arm?

Anonymous said...

Oh that's terrible, Teri. Thank goodness they have you.

Anonymous said...

You should take the girls forever
-The man upstairs

Lexi said...

You are a very brave and kind soul to do what you can for these kids. Good luck to you all. Oh, how do your kids feel about it?

Shannon McKelden said...

Good luck, dear!! I hope it works better this time maybe with just the two of them.

Kristen Painter said...

What a tough spot to be in. The girls are fortunate to have you.