Monday, January 08, 2007


Just got up, so not sure what I'm feeling this morning. On Mondays it's hard to tell. And I haven't had my coffee yet.

On Friday took son to see Blood Diamond. Last night, took Dh. I was that impressed. I've never given much of a thought to Leo Dicaprio's acting skills. Far too busy appriecating his other, much more obvious, assets. But he blew me away in this movie. How does he makes his eyes change to reflect what the character is thinking and feeling? It was a fine, fine movie and all elements were there. Incredible acting, amazing directing and a good solid script. Too violent for my tastes, but I am going to have to research if it is true or not because if it is, I probably won't be purchasing many diamonds. But I'll have to verify. (Not that I purchase that many anyway! Snort.)

In writing news, I didn't make my 50 page goal in Dash. I topped out at about 40. But. I did go back and make a lot of the necessary changes needed so the next 8 to 10 chapter make sense. I have a little bit more to do And then I can move on. But I do have the same goal for this week... 50 pages. And being a chicken that means all week until next Sunday. I know how to hedge my bets:)

What does everyone else have on the old to do list for this week?


Kerry Blaisdell said...

Wake up. That's first on my to-do's.... Wander through my daily blog checks ;). FINALLY CROSS SOME NON-WRITING THINGS OFF my dratted to-do's. Got one down; only about 12 others to go....

Keep up the momentum! See you soon!

Rachel Vincent said...

On my to-do list for this week? Finish the 3 chapters and synopsis for my proposal due ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Send said proposal out for advanced opinions. Beg recipients to read said proposal ASAP. Turn in said proposal. Then, I get to breathe.

The chapters are almost done. The synopsis is not.