Thursday, January 11, 2007

What I know

These things I know:

  • If you get a bunch of packages from PR people all the time, husbands don't even notice little moleskine planners that sneak in.
  • You do get ammune to the waiting. Sometimes you think, "this could be my week," and then you wake up and laugh maniacally.
  • The new proper way to sneeze is in your arm. Son told me, friend Linda reminded me. (What? Did she hear me sneeze into my hand all the way from Michigan?)
  • My five year plan is going to kill me.
  • When my teen's whine, "You're always focused!" whenever I chide them for interrupting my work, I know it's because they want me to do something for them...not that they want my attention or to spend time with me.
  • Like weddings, sweet sixteen parties can get way out of hand. And it's still a month away.
  • If you have a husband who does laundry, works all the time and is faithful... Keep them no matter how sarcastic they are:) You get a lot more writing done.


Rachel Vincent said...

So, I guess your husband doesn't read your blog? ;-)

Jaci Burton said...

you're supposed to have sweet 16 parties?

*mentally apologies to 17 year old daughter*

And yes. Keep husband. *g*

Bonnie Ferguson said...

The sneezing into your arm thing is news to me :)

Linda said...

I agree. Keep hubby. :0)