Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Still here, still busy

I wish I could find my desk. I know it's here under all these papers, because I'm sitting at my keyboard and monitor. That's the only clue though. This is what happens when fiction and nonfiction collide. So, I'm going to play what's on my desk. I'm not including the normal stuff like my fax machine, printer and inbox.

  • Right in front of me are two note pads.One has a number scrawled in my son's handwriting and says Annie. I have no idea who that is. Neither does he. I asked. The other one has several numbers for Headstart on it for my Zoe Munster. Oh, wait. that isn't a note pad, it's a Winco reciept.
  • A blue folder with all the fostercare important papers in it.
  • My four Gotcha entries with the judges notes on them. They loved pretty much everything about it. I keep it in front of me so I can read the comments over and over. I'm weird.
  • A horizon pediatrics business card.
  • A box of business cards from three years ago. My website is now gone and I changed my email address, but I love the logo I had designed for me and the saying on the back, "The only reason for being a professional writer is because you can't help it." Leo Rosten. I keep them because I want to make new ones some day. I usually don't have them on my desk but baby keeps getting into them and 400 business cards on the floor isn't fun to pick up.
  • A little ceramic pot with pens and pencils.
  • A purple silverware tray holding my stamps, staples, hole punch a bunch of other people's business cards and my gum.
  • A little ceramic noteholder that says Texas Bluebonnets and has a pix of the flower on it. I think I won that in Jill Monroe's seasons contest a long time ago. I keep my weekly to do clipped on it.
  • A pile of papers that includes my article tracking sheets, the envelope I have to send my final Gotcha entry in and more foster care stuff I'm supposed to be filling out and sending in.
  • A W9 form from a magazine
  • My husbands check book cause he was doing his banking last night
  • A calculater. (Same thing)
  • A gazillion different colors of post its from my plotting board.
  • Books. My market guide, my journal, my moleskine pocket planner, a YA book I'm planning to read and my AP Style guide.
  • My coffee

No wonder I can't get anything done!


Rachel Vincent said...

I have no desk. Therefore, no clutter. My head, unfortunately, is where I keep most of my clutter.

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