Friday, February 02, 2007

Best Prank Evah


The best prank I ever pulled? I had just gotten together with Dh. (As you read, remember this was the late eighties, Dh had hair and was in a band and I had bigger hair and was skinny. We were also stoned much of the time.)

A friend of mine gave me a little bag of dehydrated fish for my cats. I had like five or six cats at the time and they were eye-poppingly appreciative of the fish. For some reason, I got the idea to throw one of the fish into the shower while my Dh (then boyfriend,) was in there. He didn't see me and I heard him yelling several minutes later. I walked in and to this day have no clue on how I kept a straight face cause he was trying to peer into the shower head while the water was running. (I told you we were stoned much of the time.) Because, well, you know what dehydrated things do when suddenly hydrated.

That night, before heading to bed, I tossed one into the sink and splashed a little water on it. Sucker fattened right up. He got up the next morning to make coffee and found a little silver fish in the sink. He woke me up and dragged me to the kitchen to see. This time I was able to actually laugh because finding fish around your house is pretty freaking funny. High or not.

I did it one more time in the shower before I finally had to tell him it was me. I managed to keep a straight face as he told all our friends over coronas and nachos . I even managed to get through him describing in detail the amazement of the little fish swimming out of the sewer to his mother. But when he was telling the story to our LANDLORD, I finally had to fess up, amidst much hilarity and rolling on the floor. At least on my part.

Better Than Yesterday, by Robyn Schneider, is a novel about four former friends who created an underground pranking society, the Hilliard Hell Raisers. Now seniors at Hilliard Preparatory School, when the friends try to ressurect the Hell Raisers, some unpleasant secrets surface instead. The secrets lead them away from the gated grounds of their prep school and to the streets of New York City, where they figure out who--and what--is worth believing in. To enter the contest, write a description of the best prank you ever pulled, or the best prank you ever wanted to pull, post it in your blog along with the rules to this contest and email the link to robynschneider at yahoo dot com with the subject line "prank contest."The contest is open NOW to US residents only and ends on February 5th at Noon EST.

Prizes are as follows:First Place: The person with the prank deemed the best/most awesome (by Robyn) wins One signed copy of Better Than Yesterday, and 4 other YA titles chosen at random. (That's 5 books!) Plus, their prank will be posted in Queued Paper (Robyn's blog),
Second Place: One signed copy of Better Than Yesterday and 2 other YA titles chosen at random. (That's 3 books!) Their prank posted in Queued Paper,
Third Place: One signed copy of Better Than Yesterday. Their prank posted in Queued Paper, up might also receive prizes if they are particularly witty and beguiling.


Anonymous said...

Love the new look! The green is a bit hard on the eyes though.

Lexi said...

Hey there! I like the new look as well. Can you change my link, tho? Pretty please? (You know, when you get the chance.) Christine Keach no longer works. I'd be much appreciative.

Shannon McKelden said...

I agree, I love the new lighter look, and your pic...but the green makes me a bit cross-eyed. :-)

Great prank! That had to be hysterical!

Lexi said...

LOL, Teri! I thought I'd left a message earlier with both names back when I switched the blog. I'm sorry! I guess in my head I DID inform you. In the real world....


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Love the new look, too! And you're goooorgeous, dahling. :)

Jill Monroe said...

That is hilarious and a little bit ick at the same time!