Monday, February 26, 2007

We interrupt this blog....

For a really shallow Hollywood moment because last night was the Acadamy Awards and I just have to gush and guffaw.

Gush: Reese Witherspoon... You go girl. Make Ryan Phillipe regret it.

Guffaw: Jennifer Lopez... Could you get anymore fat fake (or fake looking) chain and diamond things around your neck? And I'm sorry, your hubby still looks like a serial killer to me.

Gush/Guffaw: Penelope Cruise... From the hips up you showed everyone just why Tom Cruise loved you for years, but why did you pair it with skirt made of a fuzzy Target blanket? Did your designer run out of regular material? Do you suffer from chronically cold knees?

Guffaw: Jennifer Hudson: What a fabulous dress choice. A gorgeous chocolate brown... draping in the right spots, perfect. Then you topped it with a Star Wars inspired jacket? Why, girl? Why?

My Leo, who I didn't used to gush over, but now love, didn't get an Oscar, but did get some kudos from Martin Scorses when he won(about time that old dude won an oscar) and the producer of The Departed when he won, so I guess it's all good. I really wanted Kate Winslet to win an Oscar (What is this? the Titantic Curse? People still pissed off cause they were in a blockbuster?)because she has turned out to be an incredibly talented actress too, stealing any movie she happens to be in.

There weren't enough surprises, though I loved the whole sheet/people/movie shape thing. (You had to be there) and I thought Ellen Degeneress was inspired. Really funny stuff.

And I really liked that it was all over by 9:30 on the west coast. I got to bed early!!!!


Anonymous said...

I was so happy Jennifer Hudson won :)

Lexi said...

Hey, did you steal my blog post title? :)~

Jill Monroe said...

I thought Reese looked great, too. Yes, I was disappointed in Ryan.

Ellen was VERY funny, and you really got a chance to see that puffy Penelope skirt when Ellen vacuumed. Funny bits.

I was really glad when Martin Scorses won.

Loved the sheet people, too!

Anonymous said...

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