Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh Yeah!

NTRWA congratulates the following finalists of the 2007 Great Expectations contest. We wish everyone the best of luck in the final round. PROMO -- NT is sponsoring a genuine TEXAS BBQ outing during National Conference. Check out the details on our website: NTRWA.ORG

~~ Long & SHORT Contemporary Category ~~

FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Diana Ventimiglia, Editorial Assistant, Harlequin

Venus in Blue Jeans by Margaret Batschelet

A Dash of Desire by Teri Brown

Illegally Yours by Lora Kenton

Deadline by Donna McGoldrick

The Doctor's Chateau by Mona Risk

That's me! Some judge comments...

Question on the comment section of the score sheet: What are one or two things you feel were well done?

Absolutely everything. I’ve read “cooking and recipe” value-added contemporary romances, and this one is fantastic! Loved the description of the beer cheese appetizers. Loved it!

There isn’t anything I don’t love!

This is absolutely outstanding. I wish the entire thing was here in my hands!

I could only hope that someday my reviews are as good:)


Linda said...

Big huge congrats Teri! This is excellent and the comments -- orgasmic. ;0)

Carrie said...

Great news! Fantastic review!! I wonder when the rest of us will get our entries back with comments. This is the first contest I've entered and I can't wait to see what the judges had to say!

Rachel Vincent said...

Yea! Congratulations, Teri!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Congrats, Teri! That's awesome!!

stephhale said...

You really blew them away, Teri. It makes me want to read it while eating some of the cheesy beer thingies, yum!


Amanda Ashby said...

Way to go, Teri. I'm really thrilled for you - and if that doesn't give you the motivation to get the book finished then I don't know what will!!!!!!!!!

TJBrown said...

Thanks everyone... it isn't motivation I lack ... it's the time!

Bonnie Ferguson said...

Congrats, Teri! :)

Trish Milburn said...

Congrats on the final and the great comments, Teri.

JENNA said...

Yours has recipes? I've been wanting to do that!

I was just under the wire in Steamy Hot. I'm not sure if I like knowing that. When I got the scores there was a big groan from me.

Lexi said...

Wow, those comments are awesome! Congratulations. I did a happy dance for you when I saw your name. (Trust me, you were better off not seeing that. Just take my word...)

Jill Monroe said...

Way to go!