Friday, February 02, 2007

Still Alive!

And still writing. Actually did a few pages in Dash yesterday morning. Sent out the Gotcha entry to Susan Litman. Sent out a W9. I'm plugging away.

The girls are wonderful. Had another trip to the ER with the youngest who decided she wanted to smash her upper lip and gum on the coffee table. We walked out of there and she looked as if she'd been in a baby rumble with her broken arm, fat lip and dried blood down the front of her shirt. Her little gray sweat jacket had one arm cut out of it for her cast and we had stuck a stocking cap on her head to keep her warm. As my daughter put it, "She looks like a PIMP!" Not sure what that means, but it's funny.

Daycare is set up for next week, two days a week for six hours each day. They will get to go play on a farm while I get some work done. And I am uber excited because I wrote to a Catholic school up the street and asked for a scholarship for Zoe and I think we're going to get one! She could honestly use the stimulation. I think it will be so good for her. That will be twice a week for three hours each time. Then my respite people will have them like every other weekend for about 24 hours... so it will all be good for them and us.

My nonfiction career is going wacky right now. Hyper PR people and multiple interview reschedules. Craziness.

Off to the race. Must finish an article before it's time for diapers and cereal.


Rachel Vincent said...

I'm glad things are working out better with the girls this time. How's their brother?

Jill Monroe said...

Crossing fingers for everything going well with Susan Litman!