Tuesday, February 06, 2007


As many of you know, I have been getting up at 5:00- 5:30 am for quite soem time. I am just here to tell you that 4:30 am is not 5:30 am. 4:30 am is inhuman.

So what does that make me?

Had to do it th0ugh. I have to work and shower before they get up, otherwise I resemble something from the black lagoon.

Been working on the birthday party. Here's the list of things I have done/ordered so far

  • 32 confirmed teens (There's going to be more. I can feel it)
  • lovely venue
  • 5 real flower boquets--daisies and one sprayed carnations. (black)
  • 3 silk flower boquets (black and white)
  • Ribbons, tule, garlands, pillar candles, silver trays, black decorative rocks(to set candles in on the silver trays) and white table clothes for decorations.
  • One huge cake
  • one limo that will take them(ten) to the best viewpoints in Portland, the waterfront, the chocolate cafe and cruising.
  • one gift card to a moonstruck chocolate cafe for downtown portland
  • two chocolate fountains and one punch fountain (borrowed from a friend. Still have no idea where to buy the chocolate to run them!)
  • Stereo System for venue. (Married to a musician. That was easy.)
  • one gorgy sleeveless white dress for dd.

Still have to get/order:

  • Food
  • Balloon Boquets
  • plates and utensiles (Plastic and paper)
  • Bunch of Cd's (DD is burning them.)
  • stuff for punch
  • clothes for me!
This will be the party of the century!


Jaci Burton said...

Now that is shaping up to be some party! I can't wait to see pics. And I love your new blog look and the pic you have up there :-)

Rachel Vincent said...

Wow, I like the new template! And now I know what you look like. ;-)

The party sounds amazing! Did you do that for your son too?

Amanda Ashby said...

Chocolate cafe? I'm sold! It's going to be a great party and one that she'll never forget!! And I love your photo as well!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else, the party sounds amazing!

Lexi said...

Wow! Can I come? I can pretend to still be a teenager!

Kerry Blaisdell said...

I tell ya -- I skip a week of blog-hopping, and everything changes! LOL!

Love the new look -- is this the new "layouts" feature? Maybe I'll try it myself...

Good luck w/the party and the young 'uns. Hang in there -- it WILL all work out! :)

P.S. *Loved* the fish story!!

stephhale said...

You're the best mom! I also loved the fish story. You crack me up!


JENNA said...

I'm loving this party! So sorry you have to get up so early. I take my little one in the bathroom with me to shower, or I get it in before Hubba leaves, though usually he still comes in the bathroom. BabyBoy, not Hubba, unfortunately.