Monday, March 26, 2007

The Golden Hearts Drove me to Drink

Like most of the romance world, I was glued to my phone yesterday in hopes of a Golden Heart final. When the day began I thought my chances were pretty good. After all, my heroine is deaf. Surely that should give her some sympathy votes, right? Not so much, because by the end of the day I realized that the manuscript and everything else I have ever penned (or typed as it were) sucked. No wonder I have an amazing agent and haven't sold.

So at 3:30 (on the west coast) a writer friend of mine (who didn't final and therefore must suck, too,) and I met at one of our local pubs to have a drink and commiserate. Chambord Kamikazis are perfect for that, by the way. But a funny thing happened on our way to Whinesville. After one good "Grrrrr!" (growled by both of us to the shock and consternation of the rest of the cliental)we ended up talking about our current WIPS: where we were at, how the plotting was going,and what plot twists we put where. Then we discussed agents and editors: who she had queries out to, what editor wanted to see revisions of my work,which agent so and so had and did they like them.

And we realized neither of us are going anywhere anytime soon. We are stuck with publishing, and as frustrating and subjective as it is, we both love it. And if neither of us are contracted by next year (as, of course, we both will be, as brilliant as we both are, especially after a couple of Kamikazis)we will be entering the Golden Heart.

Huge and major congrats to all those who garnered a nomination. Elizabeth, Trish, Kristin... You all ROCK!


Jill Monroe said...

GH announcement day sucks. It always happens around my birthday, sometimes on my birthday so I get a double dose of depression.

I'm glad you have good friend to keep you happy. There are a ton of authors who've sold, had agents for awhile and never finaled in that contest.

It's a crapshoot. It's a crapshoot that 5 people ALL gave you scores. You could have the judge who thinks no manuscript deserves a 9 - because that would mean perfection, and there's no such thing.

You could have the judge who's boyfriend was stolen by a deaf bombshell - you never know.

Rachel Vincent said...

You're right. You're a writer no matter what. Don't give up. ;-)

stephhale said...

I was SO sad not to see your name on that list. You may not ever final or win the GH, but I know you will SELL, and that's the important thing.

stephhale said...

ps- jill and I have the same birthday so I was majorly depressed last year when no call came. I'll be on pins & needles next year, if we can get the Rita YA category up that is and I'll probably have a spare bday cake on hand just in case the call doesn't come!

Kristen Painter said...

I fully expected to see your name on that list, too.

And you know, the manuscript I finaled with this year bombed out last year and I haven't changed a thing. It's completely subjective and in the scheme of things means very little. What will it matter who's a GH finalist and who's not in 50 years?

By next year, you'll be ineligable. I spelled that wrong, didn't I?

Trish Milburn said...

Thanks for the congrats. I'm so sorry you didn't get a call. There are so many talented writers who, for whatever reason, don't. But don't think you suck -- although I've definitely had that "I have a great agent and haven't sold, therefore I suck" thought more than once.

Sorry I haven't stopped by the blog lately. Seems I don't have as much time as I'd like to visit all the blogs I want to.