Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jackass III The Toddler


Jackass I made you scratch your head and worry about the future of mankind.
Jackass II made you want to vomit and move to the mountains

But Jackass III The Toddler will have you recoiling in HORROR!!!!!

Watch in Amazement as Baby Karen does a nosedive off the couch onto her head ... three times in one day!

Watch in Terror as Baby Karen turns a domesticated kitty in a raging beast by pulling it's tail... over and over and over.

Watch in Awe as Baby Karen Attempts to shove a stolen, contraband pen up her sister's nose.

Watch in Fear as Baby Karen picks up a toy baby stroller over her head and hits her sleeping foster daddy with it.

Watch in Shock as Baby Karen scoots around her foster mommy with the speed of lightening and tries to touch a hot pan on the stove... twice in a single day.

Don't miss it! Jackass III The Toddler

Starring Baby Karen AKA THE BEAST

Coming to a theater near you


stephhale said...

This show plays daily at our house. Our youngest is attempting to out stunt Evil Kneivel. He took a dive off a kitchen chair last night and smashed his head into my desk. Needless to say I was up most of the night making sure he didn't have a seizure or something. Ain't it fun? :)


Amanda Ashby said...

I always tell my four-year old son that's it lucky he doesn't keep his brains in his head because otherwise they would all be squished with the amount of bench jumping he does.

The problem is that they always look so adorable and butter-wouldn't-melt when they're asleep, and then they wake up and it starts all over again!!

Anonymous said...

Having witnessed first hand the original trailor for Jackass III The Toddler, I am amazed that she is still living. I am further in awe of the fact that YOUR house is still standing! WOW!


Rachel Vincent said...

Hey, I've seen that show! I know a little boy who, when he was two, decided he could survive a jump off the top of a ten foot slide just by shouting "To Infinity...And Beyooond!" You should have seen his mother run to catch him.

Bless your heart. And good luck! ;-)

Jaci Burton said...

so not funny, but *dying laughing*

aren't toddlers fun? *g*

Kristen Painter said...

Good Lord. Can't you give her back yet?

chatkat said...