Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday's look back

Am looking back at the week. Meh. Haven't finished as much as I wanted but somehow I become less productive with a cold. I think my brains leak out my sinuses along with everything else.

I still have expert sources to get and two articles to write. Not done with DASH but am moving right along. Only followed up on one query and had a very nice email exchange with the debuty editor of a major national magazine. Would LOVE to work with her.

So not too bad. I do get six hours alone today as the kids go to daycare today. Yes, they are still sick, but since we originally got the sickness from them, I figured I would share the love. (See last post... my best friend and I share just about everything) So technically, if I resist the bed, I could get those two articles done.

In other news, we are in the market for a car! Wanted a small SUV. Can't afford the fuel. Am looking at areo wagons... way cuter than the sedan, though my teenage daughter, who I'm sharing the car with, doesn't think so. So I may be doing that today instead of writing. Depends on what the dh finds.

Buying a car with him is like... Well, there's really nothing like it. Let's just say that we have been working on this for three months. He is insanely cautious.

Wish me luck.


Kerry Blaisdell said...

Argh! Hopefully this comment won't show up twice — I posted it once, but blogger had a server error, so here goes nothin':

Good luck with the car (and the cold)! We looked at CRV's before buying the van; they're supposed to be roughly the same gas mileage as some cars. Some. ;?)

When you're feeling better, let's hammer out the details of our new relationship! (Does that sound...odd? It's not meant to. LOL!)

Lexi said...

Hope you feel better soon!