Friday, March 09, 2007

Position FILLED

My apologies to all those other top notch multi published writers lining up to be my mentor,(cough) but the postition has been filled.

By one of the best of us all. A woman with such a stellar career and so much talent that if I told you who it was it would boggle your mind the F*&% out. Honest, someone HUGE.

Someone who read my blog. Actually has a feed thingy to my blog and saw the post about mentoring, thought it was funny and read several months worth of blogs and then made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Which leaves my already befuddled little mind reeling. And this has nothing to do with peri menopause.

And no, I'm not going to name her. But it's someone I admire enough that the email made me do all kinds of loud fangirl gushy stuff (I won't tell you everything because I don't want to embarass myself) before I wrote her back. AND I admired her enough to use spell check on the first email. Not now though. Cause we're just tight like that. Snicker.

But seriously, I'm very blessed. Kind of like I'm learning the force from Yoda.

One clue. She's NOT Jesus Christ.


stephhale said... it Nora Roberts? If so, could you just put in a good word for me and tell her I wouldn't hate putting in a cameo on her next Lifetime movie? :) Congrats, you rock. To celebrate, I'm thinking you should go to Dallas in July. Can't blame a girl for trying!

Lexi said...

Damn, now I really DO wish I'd thought of this first! Congratulations and I hope a wonderful mentor-mentee relationship happens. Oh, and I hope someday you will tell us who she is because the suspense is already too much.

Um, yeah, you SHOULD go to Dallas in July!

Amanda Ashby said...

Way to go, Teri. I guess we'll have to wait for the acknowledgements in your first book to find out who it is!!!

JENNA said...

I saw your mentor post and thought it was a great idea! Congrats on snagging someone you admire!

now...who could it be...

Jaci Burton said...

damn. missed the advertisement.

What a cool idea, Teri.

And if it's Nora could she mentor me too? *g*