Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to Work (Or Not)

You know, when I was trying to think up a topic for today's blog post all that kept coming to me was how overwhelmed it made me feel.

Not a good start to the week if the thought of a blog post does you in. I check the calendar. Ahh. PE-EM-Es week. That would be why I woke this morning with a special irritation toward my beloved dh. (And here I thought it was because he set the alarm clock 20 minutes early for some odd, inexplicable reason) Of course, waking up to your dog dragging yesterday's garbage all over the floor doesn't help either. (Yes, the same garbage you asked your eldest to take out last night.) So now I'm pissed at the dog, (in the corner looking at me with big brown eyes) the dh, (who ended up cooking his own damn breakfast) and my eldest. (Who at the moment is sleeping away, not knowing that he's getting up to mommie monster.)

Sigh. Please God, let my final revisions go better than this.

Of course, this is the first real day back to routine after the holidays. I'm sorry if you had to go to work last week after New Years, but for those of us who's clocks are set according to school, this is the first day back. Really hard on Moms who spent the break staying up too late watching movies with their teenage daughters, eating and drinking too much, and sleeping in too late.

I wasn't ready for vacation to end. By the stomping from her bedroom, neither was my daughter.

For those of us who write, it's truly the beginning of the new year. Editors and agents are back at their posts and hopefully getting to MY manuscript. Deals will be made, submissions will be sent and marketing campaigns will be launched.

As soon as I send this manuscript to my agent, I will be starting on a new project. One that I haven't been over and over and over. New stuff. For the new year.


Mrs. Annie said...

Mommy monster? You? Nah!

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Yeah. I feel you. Back to the routine. Dang it! :-/