Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scene by Scene

So I'm working on my new proposal and I'm having a little difficulty. I was unsure as to where the best place would be to start and now that I think I have a place and have created a great first scene, I'm having trouble getting it just right. It's a break up scene and not a lot happens... She is breaking up with him because she's running away, but he doesn't know it. I want lots of conflicting emotion here and it has to be a fully realized scene, if you know what I mean. It's the second scene of the book and this guy won't make another appearance till the end of the book... but he is the primary love interest. So this is the only live appearance he's going to make for a couple of hundred pages, so he has to be compelling even though she's listing the reasons why they can't be together.

It's hard as hell.

I want all the physical and emotional tension that comes with being a teen and being conflicted about someone you love. I've made a start on it, but am not completely happy with it. This proposal has to be fantastic and that may be another reason why I'm so obsessive about it.

I'm hoping it will click today. I'll let you know.


Rachel Vincent said...

Good luck. And I feel your pain. I'm currently working on the single hardest scene I've ever written. Been at it for three days now. It has to be amazing.

But I'm not feeling amazing today. ;-(

Jaci Burton said...

Sometimes it'll take a really long time for THE scene to fall into place. The really important ones take awhile to come together. Good luck with it!

I tagged you on my blog today. ;-)

daydream said...

I agree with what the gals said. Some of the best ideas have to be toyed with to achieve the intensity and power. They age like fine wine I guess. I am experiencing the same.

Sara Hantz said...

Get your subconscious onto it. When you go to sleep tonight tell it to come up with the answers you need and then in the morning...... ta da..... all sorted!! It works for me.

Lexi said...

Well? Did it click?