Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seven Random Facts About Moi

Jaci Burton tagged me, so here' goes...

1. My name isn't actually pronounced Teri it was supposed to sound like Teree... like Marie, but everyone started right out calling me Teri, so my poor mom gave up.

2. I skipped school like a wild thing, My teachers never believed that I would sneak outside on good days to read. Sorry, but SE Hinton is just so much more fascinating than math.

3. Unlike Gena Showalter, I think cowboys are hot. But then again, I was raised in Alfalfa, Oregon.

4.I didn't get my driver's liscense till I was like 26. I still have a irrational fear of driving in big cities. Oh, and I can never spell lisence right. Never. Ever. My brain won't remember.

5. I have trouble spelling certain words. Like conscious. Or is it consious? Anyway, I have a whole list of words my brain refuses to remember.When I do spell them right I can never remember if that is the right way... very odd.

6. I have discalcula. It's like dislexia only with numbers. I can't even take phone numbers down right.

7. I almost never do memes. I think I'm pretty boring and the things about me that aren't boring... well, I don't know you nearly well enough to tell you!

Oh, and the scene still hasn't jelled for me yet. Maybe today....


The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

I was laughing at your comment about having certain words you can never remember how to spell correctly. My word like that is "nauseaus," or is it "nauseous?" Whatever. I don't think either of those are right, but I don't care enough to go look it up right now. ;-) And, thankfully, I don't find myself needing to use that word in written form very often. Isn't that funny how there can be a word that you just can't keep straight in your head no matter how many times you look it up? Glad I'm not the only one. Aside from that one word, I've always been a great speller. Oh, well, I'll just be "sick to my stomach" from this point on. LOL!


PJ Hoover said...

Is it only those sc, s, c type words or are there no such constraints?

Mrs. Annie said...

Teree? Terie?

Does "Hey you" still work?

Kristen Painter said...

There's actually a town called Alfalfa? lol

daydream said...

Seven things about oneself. I see that everywhere and your list is interesting. I have never seen a girl to run away from school to read, which is like a oxymoron since reading is equivalent of knowledge. I share your views about Math! It tries to kill my brain cells.