Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Back with a To Do List...

Can't even tell you how wonderful it was. We are back and very relaxed... so not ready for work, but it is Monday. I have nonfiction work and fiction work and need to make a list...

Get sources for Coffee and Pregnancy
Finish revising chapter one of Laguna
Write chapter two of Laguna
Get sources for ovulation detective
Get sources for negative thinking

We have JA Konrath answering questions on my fiction writer's discuss publicity list... I am very excited to have him on. If you want to join the conversation send an email to

Happy Monday!


daydream said...

I will be dropping an e-mail. I think that this would be really interesting to see.

Mrs. Annie said...

Glad you're back and have work to do (that pays, that is!)

Barrie said...

Hmm....I think I should join that list. :)