Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wappoos part deux....

Does anyone remember the great waffle debate I had with one of my foster children? My beloved Zoe Monster is now with my best friend... I had to let the children go after my mom moved in with lung cancer, right? She still has them because... lots of reasons.

Here is the original breakfast conversation I had with Zoe Monster last March.

As heard from the breakfast table this morning:

What you doing?
Making waffles for Karen.
Cause she's hungry.
Cause she just woke up.
Cause she was done sleeping.
So she huny?
Zoe huny too.
Zoe already ate.
Cause you woke up at 6am.
God only knows.
What are you making?
I have wappoos too?
(gritted teeth.) Cause you wanted some.Here.
Tank you.What are you doing?
Making a waffle for Karen cause the one I made us was too hard for her so I am making her a soft one.
Cause she can't chew a hard one.
Cause she doesn't have enough teeth.
Auntie? What are you giving Karen?
What Zoe?
What are you eating?

This is my dear friend Ann having a morning conversation with the Zoe Monster just this morning. (as taken from her blog http://afriedrick.blogspot.com/)

Monster: Teri had that kinda cereal

Me: Good

Monster: It good cereal

Me: Yep

Monster: Teri sit on the patio with me and eat her cereal

Me: Yep

Monster: Teri nice

Me: Yep

Monster: I like dat cereal

Me: silent

Monster: Can I had that cereal?

Me: No

Monster: Why?

Me: You wanted Life

Monster: I don’t want life. I want dat cereal

Me: Sorry, you’ll have to eat what you asked for

Monster: Teri give me dat cereal afore

Me: I’m sure she did

Monster: What it taste like?

Me: cereal

Monster: Teri like dat cereal

And on and on and on it went. I am not a morning person. Someone shoot me please.

Proof positive that the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Joyce Anthony said...

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daydream said...

Wow! I am glad that before everyone else awakes I am away so that I can avoid morning conversations. I experienced that with my sister, when she was like 5. It was horrifying!

Mrs. Annie said...

Just remember, you promised to shoot me if I came over this morning. You PROMISED.

Oh and in case you missed it, KK now says, "Why?" to eevverrryythhiinngg....

One bullet, right between my eyes, that's all I ask.