Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flab Doesn't Fall Off...

I've tried, I've really tried. But flab doesn't fall off just because you quicken your pace from a 3 mph walk into a slow(very slow, very painful) 5 mph jog. I thought maybe it would. Doesn't.

And who's idea was it to call it flab anyway? What an ugly word. Honestly, the man should be shot. (And you know it had to be a man)

Usually I don't talk about my struggle with flab, because quite frankly, I find weight loss blogs boring and this is mostly a writing blog. Or at the very least a writer's blog, which isn't always the same as a writing blog.

But I suppose that my weight loss is crossing paths with my writing because for the first time ever, I have a flab deadline.

July 30th.

Yes, people, you know the date. The first day of RWA nationals.

I think I might make it. I won't tell you how much I want to lose, but I can tell you that I have lost 13 pounds in the last 24 days. It's amazing what happens when you eat right and work out. Netflix is great for this... you can get almost any exercise video under the sun delivered right to your door. I went out and bought running clothes and a balance ball.

Let's just say I'm not making cream scones for breakfast, because not only can I not eat them, but I don't have time. Turns out working out takes time. And you know I'm not taking it from my writing!

Oh, and I decided to make my to do list of six here everyday. Whatever I don't get done will be rolled over to the next day's list. I just need some accountability.

1. Send the web guy my final blog party guest list.
2. Write Sugery article
3. Make out DOM questions and interview
4. Send AM Northwest pitch
5. Talk to eprint about bookmarks
6.Get list of local libraries to visit.

No time for fiction today. Wah!


Mrs. Annie said...

That's a long to-do list. Are you avoiding the "hill"?

PJ Hoover said...

"It's amazing what happens when you eat right and work out." -> Truer words have never been spoken. People complain about weight not coming off, but it does come off if you really work at it (OK, I'm sure there are an exceptions, and some irate blog reader will say they are an exception and that's fine.)

Lexi said...

Good for you on the weight loss! It is hard to stay focused, isn't it?

Amanda Ashby said...

Wow, I'm so impressed (and jealous!!!!) I need to lose 2 kilos but I've never quite figured out how to stop eating chocolate - actually that's a lie, it's just my brain has convinced me that life on earth will stop if I don't eat it. So really I'm doing it for the world!!!!!

Barrie said...

Congratulations! You're working at it, and getting results!