Friday, May 02, 2008


I knew it the moment I opened my eyes. Today I was going to be wracked with Pee-Em-Esss. I knew there was a reason I was crying last night, I just didn't know what it was.

I really hate hormones. They turn me into a cross between a snarling badger and the proberbial banshee. (I know badger doesn't immediately bring up images of terror, but did you know that not even a grizzly will mess with a badger or it's cousin the wolverine? HA!)

I imagine my hormones dancing through my blood stream like demented revelers,screaming, "This will really piss her off!" You add husband and two teenagers, five screaming cats and two dumb ass dogs and you have a recipe for Mommy Monster.

What is not helping is today's schedule. The window man is coming to put in new windows. I have to meet my bf and lovely foster daughter's today, (which I am totally looking forward to and really is the only thing I WANT to do) I Have to take my mom to the doctor today because she is seeing images of things. This is concerning because of her brain tumor last year and even more disturbing because this means she can't drive! ANYWHERE! Which means we are going grocery shopping afterwards. I love my mother. Really. She just makes me nuts on a good day let alone one rife with Pee-Em-Esssss!

Wish me luck people... And TGIF!


Barrie said...

Sending luck and soothing vibes your way. xo

Heather Harper said...

((Big hugs))

Mrs. Annie said...


PJ Hoover said...

Good luck with your day! Sounds like you've got one cut out for you.