Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pre-debut contest!

My wonderful editor at Simon Pulse sent me two advanced reader copies of READ MY LIPS.. And as I am keeping one-- heck, I'm going to frame that sucker-- I am giving one away in my pre-debut contest.

All you have to do is join my newsletter Yahoo group, So Very Teri. The newsletter hasn't even gone out yet, that's how low key it is. You will NOT be inundated with spam as I'm only using it for big announcements. I will be drawing a name from the group.

It's easy to join. Just send a blank email to:

Or join online at:

READ MY LIPS is getting some great reviews and is fun for both teens and adults. Plus, it's my debut book! You know you want to help!

You can read more about the book and preorder it at (Or of course, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.)

Back Cover Copy

Popularity is as easy as a good secret.

Serena just wants to fly under the radar at her new school. But Serena is deaf, and she can read lips really well-even across the busy cafeteria. So when the popular girls discover her talent, there's no turning back.

From skater chick to cookie-cutter prep, Serena's identity has done a 180.almost. She still wants to date Miller, the school rebel, and she's not ready to trade her hoodies for pink tees just yet. But she is rising through the ranks in the school's most exclusive clique.

With each new secret she uncovers, Serena feels pressure to find out more. Reading lips has always been her greatest talent, but now Serena just feels like a gigantic snoop..


Lexi said...

Woohoo! I'm in.

Mrs. Annie said...

Great idea! I'll link it.