Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yikes, Yipee and Yowza!

Book launch coming sooooon.

Spent yesterday in a book launch frenzy (after taking my parents to their respective doctor's appointments and convincing my mother, "No, I do not need a party for my family and friends for the book launch. No,you can't cater it, you can barely see!")

Came up with super-de-duperty idea for blog party and am dying to tell you, my dear friends, but I musn't quite yet. Tis secret. Shhhhhhh! Spent a good portion of yesterday shooting emails off to various and sundry PR people and editor. Let's just say that I have found myself to be a shameless advocate for, well, myself!

Also spent time with my dearest BFF, Mrs. Annie at the Beaverton Bakery, the oldest from scratch bakery in Portland. We were choosing a cake for the book launch party at the Washington School for The Deaf. They are so talented there... they are going to airbrush the cover on top and on the sides will have double lattice garland with a pair of mauve lips between each loop. How incredibly cool is that?? We tried small bites (cause I'm dieting) of the raspberry poppyseed, two kinds of old fashioned white (one with fudge filling, one with ganach) and a marble. Mmmmm! We chose the marble. It should feed about fifty people or so... I may do some more finger foods...not sure.

I love it when plans come together!


Mrs. Annie said...

I will cake shop with you ANY TIME ANY WHERE!

PJ Hoover said...

I'm so excited for your launch!
And, wow! I want those cakes!